About Shocker Composites


About Shocker Composites;  we recover Aerospace Grade Carbon Fiber at ambient conditions without any degradation to the strength or stiffness of the fibers. The recovered fibers are in “chopped strand” form, supplied at lengths specified by customer and product requirements. These fibers can be used to manufacture parts which could serve automobile, sporting, wind turbine, construction, electrical and electronics industries where weight savings and mechanical performance is of importance.

Carbon fibers are being used extensively in the aerospace industry because of their excellent properties. Typically 30% of material from a pre-impregnated roll is wasted and then landfilled. To solve this problem, extensive research and development has been conducted at Wichita State University with the aim of preserving the expensive carbon fibers from being landfilled. As a result, a patented process was developed which made the recovery of carbon fibers possible at room temperatures and pressures.