Our Journey

Shocker Composites was established in Wichita, Kansas in 2016. Shocker’s story begins when Vamsidhar Patlolla, PhD was working on his Doctorate degree in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Wichita State University when he encountered the growing problem of carbon fiber waste ending up in landfills throughout the world.   He asked himself “Could I fix this problem?”


Recognizing the high cost of virgin carbon fiber and the large volumes of carbon fiber waste generated worldwide, Dr. Patlolla devoted his knowledge & expertise towards finding a sustainable solution for this growing problem. Dr. Patlolla created a solution to the problem at Wichita State University and co-founded Shocker Composites with a group of private investors to take this new patented technology in carbon fiber reclamation from lab scale to commercialization. 


Shocker Composites’ success is not without challenge and perseverance. After all, commercializing any new technology from small to large scale is no easy task, right? Through the evaluation of various equipment and processes, the Shocker team realized the need to design equipment specific to the implementation of the new advanced technology. Our process is a closed-loop process with low CO2 emissions making it less energy intensive which provides a sustainable solution for carbon fiber waste.

Shocker Composites has proven that reclamation and recycling of aerospace grade carbon fiber can be done economically with environmental stewardship at the forefront.  

In four short years Shocker Composites has developed advanced technology with the capabilities of reclaiming carbon fiber waste in large volumes on a commercial scale.