This Policy is subject to change without notice or prior consent in accordance with privacy best practices and/or legal requirements.

Information Collection and Use

We collect data and other information from Users for the express commercial purposes of selling and servicing Shocker Composites products. While we do not “sell” the information we collect to third-parties, we do share all necessary information with our Affiliates in order to facilitate the sale and service of Shocker Composites products. By submitting or transmitting correspondence to us, you consent to allow us to use any or all of the information contained therein, and to share that information with our Affiliates, in pursuit of our express commercial purposes.

In order to provide the most relevant and customized User experience, we collect certain information, including but not limited to, IP addresses, cookie IDs and other pseudonymous data, when you access, view or otherwise interact with any of our Website(s) and/or webpage(s).

We also utilize cookies – small data files sent to and stored on your device(s) – to track your visits, the different pages you access and how often you access them, and specific content interests thereby enabling us to enhance your User experience and create customized, relevant communications based on your specific interests.

We may request or require additional personally identifiable information when you request product- or service-related information via form submission on the Website(s), including but not limited to: your name, physical address(es), mailing address(es), telephone number(s), email address(es) and other demographic information (herein collectively defined as “Information”).

Shocker Composites does not require and will never attempt to collect banking information, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and/or health-related information for any reason. However, please be aware that some Partner websites linked to or from our Websites may request or require such sensitive information. Use extreme caution when sharing such information. Learn more about protecting your identity online.

Pursuant to our express commercial purposes, we use the Information we collect to engage in activities related to the sale and service of Shocker Composites products including, but not limited to:

  1. Initiating contact and communication with you via physical mail, telephone, text/SMS and/or email with product or parts/service information, product demonstrations and/or quotes and requests for proposals (RFPs);
  2. Matching your address(es) to local Dealers, Distributors or authorized sales representatives to facilitate timely responses and follow up to requests for product- or service-related information;
  3. Utilizing demographic information, pseudonymous data another affiliated information to send customized promotional messages to you via various online and offline methods;
  4. Sharing Information with Shocker Composites Affiliates in order to present relevant product advertisements and promotional messages, both online and offline, to you and/or related audiences.

By submitting and/or transmitting correspondence containing your email address(es), you grant us permission to send you direct response(s) via email from authorized Shocker Composites representatives and/or Affiliates, as well as consent to “opt-in” to receive ongoing email communications regarding other products, promotional offers and related content.

You may opt out of specific or all Shocker Composites email communications at any time. Every email we send contains both Email Preferences and Unsubscribe links in the email footer. Email Preferences allows you to adjust the types of email you consent to receive, while Unsubscribe allows you to withdraw consent for all email communications.