Shocker Carbon Fiber Composites for California

Do you need to get rid of your Carbon Fiber Waste?

Shocker Composites is goal-driven by the global need to divert carbon fiber waste from ending up in California landfills.

Our innovation in reclamation/recycling aerospace-grade carbon fiber has commercialized the most cost-effective technology and methods to reclaim any grade of fibers from composites without damaging the fibers. Our reclamation/recycling process retains the fiber’s strength properties making it an ideal low-cost alternative fiber utilized in several applications.

Carbon Fiber Recycling

The Global demand for Carbon Fiber is predicted to reach 122.5m metric tons by 2025 with an expected 33% to be waste. Shocker Composites technology can decrease that waste stream.

Carbon Composite Fibers
Carbon Fiber Product
Carbon Fiber Pellets

Serving all CA industries using Carbon fiber in their products.