World’s most efficient carbon fiber recycling process

Our team at Shocker Composites is driven by the global need to reduce carbon fiber waste from ending up in landfills.

Our innovation in the field of recovering/recycling aerospace grade carbon fiber has commercialized the most cost effective technology and methods to recover any grade of fibers from composites without damaging the fibers. Our recovery process retains the fiber’s strength properties making it an ideal low cost alternative fiber that can be utilized in a number of applications.

The Global demand for Carbon Fiber is predicted to reach 120.5 metric tons by 2022 with an expected 33% to be waste. Shocker Composites technology can decrease that waste stream.


Our Mission:

Shocker Composites offers a green, clean and smart solution to the unfortunate realities of pollution, land-filling, and our changing climate. Our company wants to recover carbon/composite fibers without damage to strength, allowing companies in any industry to gain economic value through the use of low cost, high power strength, and sustainable recycled carbon fiber.fiber recycling




Benefits of Carbon Fiber Composites:

Long Term Durability
Low Maintenance
High Strength
High Strength to weight ratio
Corrosion Resistance
Directional Strength

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